Universal RCV Tabulator

The RCVRC and Bright Spots are pleased to offer the Universal RCV Tabulator: free, open source software for tabulating ranked choice voting elections. This tabulator can take in data from any voting machine capable of exporting a cast vote record and can tabulate a single-winner or multi-winner ranked choice voting election according to the rules used in any current RCV city in the United States. The tabulator outputs results and an audit file for RCV elections in seconds. The tabulator is available under an aGPLv3 License.

You can download the tabulator at this github, or download a compiled version to make install easier at this Google Drive link. You'll need to download the Java 11 Development Kit to run the software, too. The software is still in a prototype stage, so you may encounter bugs. Email us at info@rankedchoicevoting.org if you run in to any issues with the tabulator. We provide example election results data in the Google Drive download, but not whole election result data. 

Features to be Added:

  • Compatibility with non-ES&S voting system vendor data