RCV-RC__Recovered_-45.pngWelcome to the Ranked Choice Voting Resource Center's Tools page. The tools presented here will help election administrators, voters, policy makers, and anyone else interested in ranked choice voting understand how to implement this voting method.

Our Webinar Series goes in depth on a number of RCV administration topics, including auditing RCV, how multi-winner RCV works, and how to design a better RCV ballot. 

RCV Clips, the RCVRC's podcast, features 15-20 minute interviews with administrators, advocates, and experts about ranked choice voting.

Each year, the RCVRC hosts a free, online symposium designed to examine the various areas of RCV from common misconceptions, to advancements in tabulation and implementation.

2019 Symposium:  Building A Solid Foundation

2018 Symposium:  From Idea to Implementation

The educational modules are a set of five brief presentations with accompanying workbooks, that serve as a brief introduction to RCV and RCV implementation. 

The usability toolbox currently contains the first ranked choice voting usability report produced by the Center for Civic Design for the Ranked Choice Voting Resource Center and FairVote. The report contains guidelines for designing ranked choice voting ballots, voter education materials, and results presentation materials. It also includes examples of those types of materials produced in the course of testing ranked choice voting usability.

Finally, our data clearinghouse provides links to databases of ranked choice voting ballot data from every RCV election with publicly available data since the early 2000s, along with links to tabulation tools developed to run variations of ranked choice voting.