Reports and Presentations

The Ranked Choice Voting Resource Center is producing reports and giving presentations on RCV best practices to help administrators across the country run RCV elections. This page serves as a clearinghouse of those reports and presentations. Please contact us at if you have questions, comments, or feedback on these resources.

Elections Center Presentation

The RCV Resource Center's Director, Gary Bartlett, and University of New Orleans Professor Dr. Robert Montjoy gave a presentation on alternative voting methods at the Elections Center in August 2017. We are making the presentation available here for those interested. 

Alternative Voting Systems in the U.S. 

RCV Compilation

The Ranked Choice Voting Compilation is a collection of best practices and sample documents, to help election administrators prepare for ranked choice voting elections. It is a living document, and will be regularly updated with new and updated resources as we collect or create them.  

Compilation of Ranked Choice Voting Resources and Model Practices

Implementation of RCV With Multiple Voting Systems

Most states in the United States have a number of different types of voting systems used for their elections. Some states have a number of different voting systems manufactured by different vendors. Others use one single vendor, but have different models of voting equipment from that vendor. This report outlines potential implementation models for states based on their voting system setup. Also available is a table outlining the current RCV capabilities of the voting systems available from the four largest voting system vendors: Dominion, Election Systems & Software, Hart InterCivic, and Unisyn. 

Implementing Ranked Choice Voting Statewide and Across Jurisdictions When Multiple Voting Systems Are Used

Table of Voting System RCV Capability

Model RCV Implementation Plan

This model plan provides a broad map of the start-to-finish process of ranked choice voting, from the introduction of legislation to approve this voting method to the certification of election results. Designed as a living document, this model plan will develop as the use of RCV grows, technology expands, and more resources and information are gathered.

Model RCV Implementation Plan