Poll Worker Education


Poll workers and poll worker training/education are key to all elections, including ranked choice voting elections.

Our educational toolkit is designed to be a four-lesson course in the basics of ranked choice voting for those who will participate in conducting a ranked choice voting election. The training program also includes a companion Workbook with supplemental training content. The toolkit is available at the bottom of this page. 

The Resource Center is also gathering examples of poll worker education from around the country as examples to reference, some are provided below. The examples are intended to serve as a guide to planning and developing training material. Training material can be tailored to each jurisdiction’s needs and statutes.

North Carolina RCV Poll Worker Script

Henderson County, NC RCV Tabulation Guide

Cary, NC Poll Worker Checklist

Poll Worker Educational Toolbox:

Table of Contents

Workbook Lesson 1

Powerpoint Lesson 1

Workbook Lesson 2

Powerpoint Lesson 2

Workbook Lesson 3

Powerpoint Lesson 3

Workbook Lesson 4

Powerpoint Lesson 4