Ranked choice voting elections start with an authorizing statute. Depending upon the jurisdiction, this may be done by a bill in the state’s legislature, by ballot initiative, by charter amendment, or by resolution. When developing the language ranked choice voting legislation, initiatives, amendments, or resolutions, it is recommended that the language be broadly written to be flexible enough to change with the times. For example, having terminology in adopted language that is specific to a particular type of voting equipment or a set number of rankings would limit the ability for elections to be administered as the voting equipment evolves. You can find example language from ballot initiatives, by charter amendments, ordinances and bills, and resolutions at the pages below. 

Additionally, example laws from jurisdictions using ranked choice voting for their military and overseas voters are available under "Military and Overseas Voters." 

Finally, version 2.0 of the Voluntary Voting Systems Guidelines, the standards used to test voting equipment for federal certification are being developed now. You can find resources related to RCV's incorporation in to those standards at the VVSG link below. 

Ballot Initiatives & Charter Amendments

Statutes & Regulations

Military and Overseas Voters

Voluntary Voting Systems Guidelines (VVSG)