Ranked choice voting elections start with an authorizing law. Below, we have links to implemented laws and also model laws developed by the organization FairVote, a non-profit advocating for the adoption of ranked choice voting. These links are broken down by how strictly the statutes available define ranked choice voting and how to count/adjudicate ranked choice ballots. Also, we are creating a "what to include in RCV statutes guide" for lawmakers, so RCV elections across the country can be uniform and follow best practices for RCV.

The next version of the Voluntary Voting System Guidelines (VVSG) is anticipated to include model specifications for RCV voting methods. Future statutory authorizations may elect to reference these guidelines in order to ensure precise and consistent definitions and vote tabulation procedures.

Define "RCV," Ballot Adjudication Rules:

These laws define what RCV is in the jurisdiction (if electing a single winner or multiple winners), how to count RCV elections, and how to adjudicate individual ballots. They cover as many issues as is reasonable in an RCV statute.

Minneapolis, MN (single- and multi-winner RCV)

FairVote Model Statute (single- and multi-winner RCV)

FairVote Model Statute (single-winner RCV)

Maine Question 5 (single-winner RCV)


Define "RCV" broadly: no detailed rules

This statute is a prime example of a more basic RCV law: it defines only what RCV is in Basalt, CO, (a single-winner RCV election for Mayor) and defines how that RCV election should be counted. It does not define how to adjudicate individual ballots.

Basalt, CO (single-winner RCV)


Permits RCV:

This is an example of the most basic RCV law possible: it says only that RCV is permitted, and goes no further.

Santa Clara County, CA (single-winner RCV)

FairVote Model Charter Amendment (single- and/or multi-winner RCV)


Military and Overseas Voters: 

Alabama's RCV law for Military and Overseas voters is the best example of such RCV laws: it describes the RCV process used and how RCV ballots are to be sent to military and overseas voters. Like all other military and overseas voter RCV laws,it provides only basic instructions on ballot counting, how ballots should be designed, and how to adjudicate ballots. 

Alabama (single-winner RCV)

Mississippi Regulations and Instructions (single-winner RCV)

Springfield, IL Resolution on Ballot Question for Military and Overseas Voters Using RCV (single-winner RCV) 


Voluntary Voting Systems Guidelines (VVSG): RCV Definitions & Tabulation Procedures

The Ranked Choice Voting Resource Center has, in the course of its involvement with the VVSG revisions, created a spreadsheet laying out the various different RCV laws by definition and tabulation method. That spreadsheet is available below, and lays out all currently used RCV definitions and rules. 

Voluntary Voting System Guidelines Spreadsheet