Education & Outreach


Voter education covers a wide range of topics from voting procedures, to how to register, to information about which offices are up for election. Voter education is of particular importance when ranked choice voting has recently been adopted in a jurisdiction. Processes like how to rank candidates and how ballots will be counted need to be understood by voters before they go to the polls.

This page provides numerous examples of voter education materials from jurisdictions that have implemented ranked choice voting elections.

Our team is compiling additional reference materials for designing voter education materials, which will be added to the Resource Center upon completion.

Best Practices Report

Principles and Guidelines Report (Voter Education Guidelines begin on page 9 of this report)

Voter Education Testing Document

Voter Education Examples

Telluride Voter Education Handout

Minneapolis Voter Education One-Pager 

Minneapolis Polling Place Voter Education

St. Paul RCV Counting Video

San Francisco RCV Postcard 

San Francisco Video Describing RCV Vote Counting

San Francisco Video Guide to RCV

Cambridge Proportional Representation Brochure

Cary, North Carolina How RCV Works Flyer

Cary, North Carolina RCV Powerpoint

Hendersonville, NC RCV Powerpoint (2007)

Hendersonville, NC RCV Powerpoint (2009)

North Carolina RCV Powerpoint (2010)

Hendersonville RCV Flyer (City Council)

North Carolina RCV Flyer (Judicial Election)

North Carolina How to Vote RCV Handout (Paper Ballot)

North Carolina How to Vote RCV Handout (DRE)

Portland, ME Voter Education Handout

Alameda County, CA RCV Brochure

Benton County RCV Ballot Measure

Benton County Ballot Measure Voter Guide (RCV Covered on pages 16–19)

Maine 2016 Voter Guide (RCV Covered on pages 5, 48-53)