Data Clearinghouse

Welcome to the Ranked Choice Voting Resource Center RCV Data Clearinghouse. This page contains links to databases of ranked choice voting ballot data from every RCV election held in the United States with publicly available data since the early 2000s and links to tabulation tools developed to run variations of ranked choice voting. If you have any questions or suggestions for this page, or any data or tabulation tools to share with us, contact us at

Raw Data

This data comes in a variety of forms: it was exported from many different voting machines from a number of different voting system vendors. Results are organized by year within each jurisdiction's folder. If you want to download all these folders at once, head to this link.

Alameda County, CA

(Berkeley, Oakland, San Leandro)

Burlington, VT Cambridge, MA Maine
Minneapolis, MN Pierce County, WA San Francisco, CA Santa Fe, NM

Tabulation Tools

Tabulation tools are written in java, python, and R. Which language they are written in is noted in brackets next to the name of the tabulator. 

Universal RCV Tabulator (code) [java] Universal RCV Tabulator (installable) [java] ChoicePlus Pro [java]
California SB1288 (2016 STV Local Options Bill) [python] droop [python] RCV R Package [R]