2019 Online Symposium - Building a Solid Foundation for Ranked Choice Voting

National election experts, election administrators, elected and government officials, and RCV proponents came together for our 2nd Annual online event focused on “Building a Solid Foundation” for ranked choice voting (RCV). Sessions included information on:

  • Answers to mischaraterizations of RCV;
  • Firsthand perspective from candidates who have campaigned for RCV contests; and
  • How to craft the message to educate voters, policy makers, and others including tips from a three-time Emmy Award-winning corporate filmmaker.

This page now provides links to recordings of each session. Also included are links to question and answer documents with more detailed responses to questions posed during the sessions and, where available, links to presentations and other resources used during each session. 

Click Here for a PDF of the Agenda

Session 1: Demystifying Ranked Choice Voting | 11 AM EDT (1 hour)

Ranked choice voting is often mischaracterized, even though it’s been around for more than a century. This session tries to cut through the confusion and get clear information on how RCV works like any other elections process.

Session 2: See How They Run: Campaigning as a Ranked Choice Candidate | 1PM EDT (1 hour)

How does a candidate campaign for an office that’s decided by ranked choice voting? What’s the experience like? Learn from those who have asked to be someone’s first choice, but if not then their second choice!

Session 3: RCV in the Legislative Process | 3 PM EDT (1 hour)

Our panel of experienced election administrators, elections experts, and advocates will discuss how ranked choice voting gets shepherded through the legislative process.

Session 4: Crafting the RCV Message | 11 AM EDT (1 hour)

How do you tell the RCV story? How do you explain it to voters or share with the media? Our panelists offer their experience conveying messages that may not be easy to understand, how they developed voter education and outreach materials, worked with the media, and shared the message in multiple languages.

Session 5: RCV By the Numbers | 1 PM EDT (1 hour)

Take a walk through data we have on RCV to learn if voters like RCV, if it works as intended, and if it can be sustained.

Session 6: So, Who Won? Software for Tabulating & Displaying Results for RCV | 3 PM EDT (1 hour)

Learn about advancements in RCV software, including the RCVRC’s universal RCV tabulation software, vendor RCV integration, and election night reporting for RCV.